Sentinel Residential act for owners of high quality properties, who spend much of their time out of the country or elsewhere in the UK. We take full responsibility for running the homes, undertaking all household requirements.

The service we offer depends on each property and specific client requirements. The range of services includes:

  • Appointing staff such as cleaners, gardeners, window cleaners, maids and housekeepers
  • Staff supervision, appraisals, salary reviews, pay roll.
  • Arranging dry cleaning.
  • Arranging buildings and contents insurance.
  • Checking and paying bills.
  • Preparing a regular maintenance plan and implementation.
  • Keyholding.
  • Accepting deliveries.
  • Maintaining a client account to pay bills.
  • Preparing annual budgets and monthly accounts.
  • Preparing an annual garden development plan and implementation.
  • Carrying out inspections of the property at regular intervals to check security and maintenance, as frequently as the client desires, normally on a weekly basis.
  • Act as the key contact and access point for all property related servicing appointments, such as annual checks on air conditioning units, boilers, heating systems, security measures such as alarm systems and electronic gates etc.
  • Arranging maintenance works, redecorations and building works.
  • Stocking the fridge for client visits.